Callander - easy to get to attractive centre for outdoor pursuits.



Woolshed 31 in Callander offer tuition in spinning, dyeing, weaving and knitting.



These crafts offer amazing new (and traditional) ideas and skills to make unique objects. Everyone has their 'creative bump' - we help to find it.



Anne has a background in environmental education so is accustomed to packaging information in ways to suit individuals. Anne learned to weave at school, having spun yarns for over 30 years.



You are welcome during Forth Valley open studios week 8th - 16th June 2013. Regular classes will be offered from September 2013. The summer will be spent travelling, gathering ideas for new creations.



Anne Artis

31 Bridgend, Callander, Perthshire, FK17 8AG

Telephone: 01877 331691

Mobile: 07831 566758

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




September 5th-13th 2015 at Perthshire Open Studios

Closed Wednesday 9th September, and while I won't be there Saturday 12th, spinners will be there. Why not join them?

There won't be much to buy, as I want new spinners, weavers and dyers to learn to make their own spinning stash, their own yarns, there own cloth! Classes will be available from September on many topics:

  • Spinning luxury fibres
  • Spinning silk
  • How to cope with that huge fleece
  • Flax spinning
  • Spinning animal free fibres

and many more...

  • Dyeing with natural dyes
  • Dyeing with acid dyes
  • Spaced-out dyeing
  • Dyeing for stitching
  • Fabric for embridery or patchwork

and more...

  • Introducing weaving, non-loom weaves, tapestry weaving

Most classes cost £30 - £50 per day, and include materials, lunch, and last 10am to 4pm.

Please phone for details !